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Chet Pelletier, CEO Recent Recommendation »

In today’s competitive media market, innovating creative and functional solutions are paramount in securing and maintaining your market share. With so many options and choices in advertising choosing the right vehicle to promote your business is crucial. In addition, being able to track these advertising sources can be difficult to say the least. Moreover, there are many companies offering services in the internet marketing realm all of which seem to make sense. How do businesses navigate through the technical world of the internet and how do new technologies benefit or distract from a businesses growth. Chet has over 25 years in advertising and marketing with a concentration in internet marketing and design. With the advent of social media, Chet has become a fore runner in providing solutions to his over 100 clients.
Chet is currently the owner of Coolfish Web Design & internet Marketing Solutions. His clients include both national and local companies. With a diverse portfolio, Coolfish Web Design has encountered all aspects of SEO, SEM, SMM as well as online branding and web analytics. By creating targeted web solutions, properly building a platform and marketing the website, results will be delivered.

Simply speaking, your website is the companies’ first impression and potential revenue producer. Because the internet has become the primary avenue for companies to promote and gain market share, there are Internet Marketing Companies that come along offering many "solutions" to help get your company to the next level.

Unfortunately with this comes many choices. How does a company know what will work. What advertising medium will provide the best results? How does a business rack visitor loyalty? How do business increase market share via their online presence?

Traditionally, company’s create a budget and many times runs the risk of simply throwing dollars away assuming or not tracking whether or not the advertising has worked or not. Many times, after spending thousands of dollars companies realize the marketing strategy has not provided them with the ROI they anticipated.

Chet offers is knowledge and consultative thoughts to CEO’s and Marketing Managers guiding them thru the technical world of the internet explaining the myths and truths of Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, Target Web Design, Search Engine Marketing.
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