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Alan Bridges, CEO

Alan Bridges is the President and CEO of GOT-RACK.COM (Presently a DBA of Allpoints Equipment Company). We have focused our efforts on buying and selling Used, Refurbished & New warehouse Racking for distribution and manufacturing facilities all over the United States, Canada and Caribbean. September 2009 marked our 17 year Anniversary of conducting business in the Tampa Bay area. Recently re-branding themselves for Sales and Marketing reasons, Allpoints Equipment became DBA GOT-RACK.COM to enhance their Internet Marketing Campaign and they have enjoyed great success ever since. Alan brings over 27 years of experience in the business of Material Handling Industry providing storage solutions for Warehouse and Distribution.
Alan has been a member of the CEO Council of Tampa Bay for over nine years, where he has participated on The Board of Directors for over 5 years as well as Vice Chaired for the CEO Roundtables. He receives a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction helping CEO’s discover and conquer various trials and tribulations that are associated with the daily operations of a business.

Alan also was a member of the Nationwide CEO group known as TEC. Alan participated in TEC for almost 6 years and received a great deal of knowledge from their CEO Training methodology. Additionally he has served on The Board of Directors for Life Path Hospice for over 5 years since the death of his Mother who benefitted from the care of Life Path. Alan has served the Tampa Community throughout the last seventeen years through another well known charity organization known as The Thirteen Ugly Men. Through his time and effort, Alan continues to give back through many community efforts and wants to see the Tampa Business Community as well as the Charity Groups flourish in these difficult times.

Presently, Alan has been working a book entitled, "Fifty Ways to Leave your Money". The book is comprised of a variety of true life experiences that business owners face on a day to day basis in regards to employee embezzlement and Fraud, with forty eight of the fifty chapters personally involving Alan.

Recent Recommendation:
Alan Bridges spoke to the Association of Airport Internal Auditors at our annual conference in 2011. His presentation was titled "50 ways to leave your money ", and his presentation highlighted a number of those ways. All of our members are in the audit profession. His presentation was full of energy and information. We found his presentation very interesting and brought to the forefront new and old audit controls to watch for.
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